Stopping iOS input zoom with a handy React hook

Have your small font size cake and eat it too

There's this stack overflow post with tons of views and upvotes and solutions on how to prevent iOS from zooming into inputs on forms. Unfortunately the advice is terrible. Make my font size 16px??? Preposterous! Disable zoooming completely??? Am I an animal?! If only there was a better way!

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Storing Secrets Using the MacOS Keychain CLI

Using the keychain to remove plaintext secrets from your scripts

I recently discovered that the MacOS keychain has a command-line interface, and I decided that instead of storing my secrets on my personal laptop in plaintext, I could take advantage of the CLI to prevent the secrets from ever being stored on disk unencrypted.

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Why Use Flow?

An introduction to and explanation of the benefits of static typing in JavaScript

Flow is a static type checker for JavaScript open sourced by Facebook. It helps you deal with many of the pain points of JavaScript and write better, easier to reason about code.

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Hello World

My first blog post

I had some pretty good ideas for this blog a while ago, but now I've forgotten them all. The rest of this post will be a markdown demo.

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